In addition to our retail store, we own and operate Jewelers’ Row Money Loan from the same location. Jewelers’ Row Money Loan is a pawnshop and has been licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Banking for over thirty years. We are also regulated by 12 Federal laws plus numerous state and local laws.

We only accept small valuable items as collateral for loans. We loan money on diamonds, gold, jewelry, watches, rare coins, bullion and silver. Occasionally, we will loan money on a vase or a rare antique item.

In most cases, we loan about 70% of the liquid value of the item. All loans are good for six months and can be extended over and over again, by simply paying the interest. No amount is too small or large.

For more information, send an email to

You can also ship your items to us using the instructions in the HOW TO SELL section.