Hermann Siersbol Sterling Silver Heart Pendant & Chain

Siersbol & Sorensen

Hermann Siersbøl (???? – 1964) was a native, Danish modernist with extraordinary skills designing silver and gold pieces. According to experts, he wanted to make affordable quality jewelry in modern Scandinavian designs that anyone could afford.

He was still a young man when he established his company in 1945. The company grew to become one of the largest silver and gold jewelry producers in Scandinavia.

Pieces for which Siersbøl is noted include rosewood, silver cuff links, brooches, rings, necklaces, pins, and bracelets. A flower brooch made by Siersbøl is an example of 1960’s Scandinavian design. The brooch is marked with the initials ‘HS’ and the words ‘Sterling’ and ‘Denmark’ appear.

The brooch fastens with a secure roll-over safety clasp and the flower is a simple design that features sixteen individual petals meeting ten silver balls around a larger central ball.

Though no specific cause is given, it is agreed that Siersbøl died in a tragic accident in 1964. Company operations and direction passed to Hermann Siersbøl’s four children. Today the company is solely owned by Hermann’s son. Henrik Siersbøl with his daughter Camilla.

Hermann Siersbøl’s passion for making attractive, affordable jewelry continues today using modern equipment for both casting and pressing jewelry. The company is also a leader in instituting new production methods.
Early pieces are highly sought after and valuable.

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