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  • I usually skip testimonials, but I was impressed by your level of service. If you remember, I had the antique jewelry that you informed me was worth far more than what it was appraised for and contacted an expert in the final say. I can’t believe that I almost allowed myself to be fooled! Thanks for caring about your customers.

    Rusty L. (Pittsburgh, PA) on June 21st 2019 said:
  • I sent 2 gold rings, a watch, a necklace and 3 bracelets to another company and only received $150 back. When I sent the exact same items to WeBuyGoldandSilver, I received $285 That’s double the price! I guess I know who to trust now!”

    Anthony R (Trenton, NJ) on June 20th 2019 said:
  • I’ve sent jewelry to other places and got conned for my trouble! WeBuyGoldandSilver gave me a high price for my gold and never tried to lowball me! Will definitely use them again.

    Tom M. (Dover, DE) on June 19th 2019 said:
  • My visits to the Philadelphia store have always been greeted with courtesy and offers of help. I found the WBGAS.com website contained, in addition to the multiple items available, clear, concise language and loaded with useful information. I especially like the section that gives the history and biographies of the designers, creators, and manufacturers of the enormous variety of items offered. I visit often to see what's new and of interest to me.

    Robert G. (Philadelphia) on June 19th 2019 said:
  • WeBuyGoldandSilver has great customer service! All my questions were answered promptly and I received top dollar for my jewelry!

    Etta R. (Philly) on June 18th 2019 said:
  • Thank you for the honest appraisal! Very informative site - easy to use. Will come back when I need a loan or just cleaning out my jewelry box.

    Fanci (Philly) on June 6th 2019 said: