What We Buy

We will buy most small valuables for a fair price. These items include, silver, jewelry, watches, gold, diamonds, antique jewelry, coins and scrap.
The price we pay is not something we dream up. It is based entirely on demand for the item. There are many items that have very little demand.

At times the prices we pay may seem low, however this is not the case. For example, the demand for pear and marquise shaped diamonds is far less than rounds or Asscher cut stones. Therefore, they are worth substantially less to us. It makes business sense for us to pay more for items we know customers want and we can sell quickly.

The Rolex Stainless Steel Submariner has a big demand, but a gold Movado, which is also a nice watch, is very hard to sell for much more than the gold value. A smaller diamond that has an excellent cut is easier to sell than a larger one with average dimensions. We pay more for items that can be sold faster.

Condition is also an important factor. This applies mostly to watches and silver. We pay more for watches that have less wear and tear.
We pay for more silver that is less worn and has no dents.

Many people incorrectly believe that “rarity” is the sole parameter that determines price. Often rare items are less desirable than other items by the same maker and have less demand.


We love silver jewelry of all types Mexican, Scandinavian, South American and from the USA. Condition, age, correct markings and “the look” are all very important. Signed pieces by famous makers are in demand and bring the most money, Our owner is a serious collector of important Mexican silver jewelry. We will pay the highest prices for the best pieces.


We are always looking to purchase Rolex watches, Pre-owned good condition Rolex watches bring a premium. Many models hold their value better than most other brands of watches. We are also interested in the most popular styles of watches from Patek, Cartier, Breitling, Tag and many others.

Condition and age are the two most important factors we use to determine value. The exact same watch can vary in price from $500 to $1000 or more based on condition and wear. When we retail an item, it must be close to perfect. A nick or scratch in the crystal or band, an overhaul, waterproofing or other repairs can cost hundreds of dollars. We also give a buyer one year warranty.

When we give a quote by email or phone, we are realistic and honest. MANY buyers go high to get the item into their possession. They then tell the seller all the things that diminish the value and offer less. These buyers hope the seller will accept an offer lower than originally quoted.


There is little demand for common pre-owned jewelry. Regardless of what you have been told or what you believe, eighty five per cent of all jewelry purchased is sold for the scrap value of the gold or silver. The remaining fifteen to twenty percent that can be resold is either exceptionally beautiful, larger, or a more expensive item, which could be a signed piece or have something special about it.


We will buy most diamonds. However, many have very little demand and have to be purchased for a low price. Small diamonds, marquise, heart and pear shaped diamonds are not in demand. We usually sell these stones for a 10% profit to manufacturers. We are looking to purchase larger, nicer stones. Most of the better diamonds have a GIA certificate which makes it easier for us to give a price.

The average diamonds sold by most stores do not have top color, clarity or cut. People typically pay FAR too much for diamonds. Buying a diamond is an infrequent event and most people fail to educate themselves before buying and therefore pay far too much.


We are strong buyers of beautiful, antique jewelry. Please show us what you have by describing the pieces and emailing pictures of the items.


Jewelry with a known signature is always in demand and brings strong prices. Tiffany, Cartier, Van Cleef and Winston are a few designers that bring good money. Newer designers, such as, Lagos, John Hardy and David Yurman also have good resale value.


Ninety percent of costume jewelry has little to no value. For it to have ANY value, the jewelry should be older, signed items that, in all likelihood, were purchased many years ago. Those who collect costume jewelry generally accumulate many pieces over time. We would like those interested in selling costume jewelry and accessories to send us everything you have and we will make you an offer!

This can include sterling, vintage, designer, and fashion jewelry. We will also consider decorated handbags and shoes. Sometimes, a single handbag has more value than the combined value of all the jewelry in a collection.


We are interested in purchasing US silver and gold coins. Coins that are graded by NGC or PCGS bring more money. Coins that are have the CAC sticker on the holder bring a premium.
A coin’s value is determined by rarity and condition.