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Buying Gold, Silver, Watches & More Since 1985!
Our store in center city Philadelphia8th and Chestnut Jewelers' Row Philadelphia

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We are ready to buy! We will buy your gold, silver, diamonds, jewelry, watches, coins, scrap and more. We price match and pay top dollar! Select the 'Sell Now' or 'Get a Loan' button to get started.

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  • Step 1 Submit your info using our Wizard.

    Use our wizard to submit your item photos and details, as well as your preferred payment information. We can pay you via PayPal, Check, or Bank Wire.

  • Step 2 Ship your items to us free of charge!

    We can send you a shipping kit, or you can print a FedEx Label right from this website using our wizard. We will cover all of the shipping costs, even if you decline our offer and want your items returned.

  • Step 3 We will make an offer for your items.

    We will let you know as soon as we receive your items. We will then review your items and make you an offer within 24 hours. Over 90% of our offers are accepted!

  • Step 4 Get paid or get your items returned!

    You will then get the option on this website to Accept our Offer and get paid, or Decline our offer and we will ship your items back at our expense. Your payouts (or item return) will be sent within one business day.

The average transaction and turn around takes about 3-5 business days from when you ship to when you get paid. Our system will keep you updated every step of the way with email notifications, and you can track the progress of your transaction anytime from this website by logging into the account created for you during the wizard. Ready to get started? Select the option to Sell, Get a Loan, or Estimate above to start the wizard.

What We Buy

We buy almost anything for the right price. The price we pay is not something we dream up. It is based entirely on demand for the item. It makes business sense for us to pay more for items we know we can sell quickly.

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How to Sell to Us

The majority of what we buy is shipped to us from all over the world. Over ninety per cent of our offers are accepted. If you decline the offer, in most cases we will ship the items back to you at our expense. Use the sell wizard above to get started!

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Loan Service

We are regulated by 12 Federal Laws plus numerous state and local laws. We accept only small valuable items as collateral for loans. We loan money on diamonds, gold, jewelry, watches, rare coins, bullion, and silver.

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Client Testimonials
  • I usually skip testimonials, but I was impressed by your level of service. If you remember, I had the antique jewelry that you informed me was worth far more than what it was appraised for and contacted an expert in the final say. I can’t believe that I almost allowed myself to be fooled! Thanks for caring about your customers.

    Rusty L. (Pittsburgh, PA) on June 21st 2019 said:
  • I sent 2 gold rings, a watch, a necklace and 3 bracelets to another company and only received $150 back. When I sent the exact same items to WeBuyGoldandSilver, I received $285 That’s double the price! I guess I know who to trust now!”

    Anthony R (Trenton, NJ) on June 20th 2019 said:
  • I’ve sent jewelry to other places and got conned for my trouble! WeBuyGoldandSilver gave me a high price for my gold and never tried to lowball me! Will definitely use them again.

    Tom M. (Dover, DE) on June 19th 2019 said:
  • My visits to the Philadelphia store have always been greeted with courtesy and offers of help. I found the website contained, in addition to the multiple items available, clear, concise language and loaded with useful information. I especially like the section that gives the history and biographies of the designers, creators, and manufacturers of the enormous variety of items offered. I visit often to see what's new and of interest to me.

    Robert G. (Philadelphia) on June 19th 2019 said:
  • WeBuyGoldandSilver has great customer service! All my questions were answered promptly and I received top dollar for my jewelry!

    Etta R. (Philly) on June 18th 2019 said:
  • Thank you for the honest appraisal! Very informative site - easy to use. Will come back when I need a loan or just cleaning out my jewelry box.

    Fanci (Philly) on June 6th 2019 said:
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    If you have more than one item, please go back and select the multiple item button.

    If you have more than one item, please go back and select the multiple item button.

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